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This is a group for those interested in Green Party politics which is the only political movement in the USA which has the support and muscle to challenge the Duopoly of the Republican/Democratic wings of the party controlling government.

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The Green Party is a progressive party which is concerned about the issues that the 99% face and that our children and grandchildren will face. Greens point out that neither Obama nor Romney has an adequate jobs program, climate-change action program, or plan to halt home foreclosures; both have embraced military attacks without provocation on other countries; both join their parties in favor of the $600 billion "fiscal cliff" for the post-election lame duck Congress; both favor profits for the health insurance industry over the right of all Americans to quality health care (Medicare For All); both support indefinite detention without due process and other violations of constitutional and international law. Neither corporate-sponsored party protects our rights or addresses the crises we face.

These two candidates represent the status quo and its momentum of shifting wealth to the 1% and eroding what remains of the middle class and defunding programs helping American workers and the poor. The Green Party is the party of the people and embraces the same aims that are currently embraced by the Occupy Wall Street movement. We are the party of the people and for a democracy of the people, by the people, and for the people.